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Middle East

Israeli groom arrested over celebratory gunfire video


Israeli police have arrested a Bedouin Arab bridegroom after masked men dressed in black drove around a village firing rifles to celebrate his wedding.

Video footage that went viral last week showed revellers shooting from vehicles on the streets of Segev Shalom, in the Negev desert.

One MP said she thought it was “an IS convoy somewhere in the Middle East”.

The groom, who is reportedly in his 20s, was detained on Sunday night and was due in court on Monday.

A police statement said officers were continuing to search for other suspects “involved in the dangerous incident”.

The Times of Israel reported that a father and son had also been held for questioning and that vehicles believed to have been used had been confiscated.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan had called on the police to act, saying: “The actions documented on the roads in the south are very severe and we must not move on to normality after witnessing them.”

“Fighting illegal weapons is at the top of the internal security ministry’s priorities and we must act against felons in this area incessantly,” he added.

There are more than 200,000 Bedouin in Israel. They are descendants of some 11,000 nomadic people who remained in the Negev after Israel’s creation in 1948.