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Bahrain Calls On Its Citizens to Leave Iraq Due to Unrest


Bahrain’s ministry of foreign affairs has called on all Bahraini citizens in Iraq to leave the country, according to local media.

Bahrain’s foreign ministry has urged all Bahraini citizens in Iraq to leave “due to the current developments” in the Republic of Iraq, Bahrain News Agency reported.

Earlier, protesters in Iraq’s Basra, set the local Iranian consulate on fire after torching political party and militia buildings the day before. The city of Basra has been shaken by riots since the beginning of the week.

At least one protester was killed and another 14 were injured on Thursday as a result of the escalating unrest, local media reported Friday. 10 members of the security forces were wounded as well, according to the reports.

Meanwhile, explosions were which said to be caused by mortar shells reportedly hit an “abandoned lot” not far from the US and Egyptian embassies in Baghdad on Friday.

The previous wave of protests in Basra broke out in June before spreading to other areas of southern Iraq. Discontent was sparked by problems with electricity and water supplies that were exacerbated by scorching heat this summer. The government had formed a special commission to deal with the demands, pledging to allocate some $17 million to fixing electricity and water supplies. The promise resulted in protests subsiding before reigniting on Monday.