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Middle East

Suspect arrested over Palestinian Embassy official assassination attempt


The Lebanese Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch Friday arrested a man suspected of involvement in a 2017 assassination attempt on a Palestinian Embassy security official in the southern city of Sidon, a security source said.

The source told The Daily Star that a Palestinian man, identified as M.H., is an alleged member of Ansar Allah, and was arrested on suspicion of pushing one of the group’s members to assassinate Palestinian Embassy Intelligence chief Brig. Gen. Ismail Sharrouf.

Sharrouf survived the attempt, which took place in Sidon while he was on his way to meet with a retired Fatah Movement official, Brig. Gen. Youssef Diab. Sharrouf was targeted while entering Diab’s residence near Sidon’s Serail. He was hospitalized after bullets hit his hand and grazed his skull.

The source said that M.H. was arrested based on confessions made by another member of Ansar Allah who had previously been arrested by the Information Branch in the same case.

Following the assassination attempt, Sharrouf pointed fingers at Ansar Allah members, who lived in the same building as Diab. The group has denied the allegations.