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One worker dead in derailed train in northern Manitoba


The Arctic Gateway Group, which recently purchased the Hudson Bay Railway, said in a statement that authorities have confirmed the death of one worker and another seriously injured after being trapped in derailed train in northern Manitoba.

RCMP said the man who died was 38 and was from The Pas, Man. The man who survived is 59 and is also from The Pas, police said, noting his injuries were life-threatening.

The names of the workers were not released and the company said police were still notifying families on Sunday.

“On behalf of the entire Arctic Gateway Group, and all of our employees, our hearts go out to the families of these dedicated employees,” Murad Al-Katib of AGT Foods, one of the group’s partners, said in a statement.

It said that based on information it has received, it believes that none of the railcars has been compromised and there doesn’t appear to be any environmental danger.

Who is The Arctic Gateway Group

The Arctic Gateway Group is a public-private consortium which bought the Hudson Bay Railway earlier this month from U.S.-based Omnitrax. Sections of the railway north of the derailment washed out in 2017 and Omnitrax had refused to make repairs, claiming the line was been losing money for years and would cost tens of millions of dollars to fix.