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TikTok comedian who correctly guesses Covid numbers claims the NSW Health Department has told him to stop because he’s ‘compromising’ the system

A TikTok comedian who has accurately guessed the number of new Covid cases in NSW for three days in a row says the state’s health department has asked him to cease posting his ‘calculations’ online, but it hasn’t stopped him from making his predictions for Saturday.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Friday evening, Jon-Bernard Kairouz teased his latest prediction of 111 cases for Saturday, despite his claims he received a stern phone call from a NSW Health representative demanding he refrain from posting further videos.


Number Of Cases Tomorrow, Saturday 17th Of July ##fyp ##sydneylockdown

♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ?

‘He said we would have to cease giving out the numbers because we’re compromising the public health system,’ Kairouz told on Friday afternoon.

The NSW Health employee reportedly said it would be in his ‘best interest’ to cease making any more videos, and if he didn’t there could be ‘consequences’ for health staff.


3-Peat Baby ???##fyp ##sydneylockdown

♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ?

The TikTok star claimed he told the worker he simply used maths to calculate his predictions and did not have a source in the department.

Many people on social media are speculating Mr Kairouz has an informant after he correctly predicted the number of new Covid-19 cases in NSW for three days in a row.

The 25-year-old says he comes up with his answers by using a Casio scientific calculator and ‘simple maths’, based on cases infectious in the community, the diameter and circumference of hotspot areas and population areas.

Mr Kairouz maintained he would continue sharing his calculations despite the warning.

‘I’m not going to be intimidated, it’s a bit of fun at the end of the day,’ he said.

The development comes as the TikTok star said he had received threatening messages from followers who believe he is related to Gladys Berejiklian’s new partner, leading lawyer Arthur Moses.


Sunrise interview on the secret behind the numbers ##fyp ##sydneylockdown

♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ?

The comedian from western Sydney, has gained a huge social media following through his spot-on predictions of new coronavirus cases.

Late on Thursday night, he correctly predicted that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian would announced 97 new cases on Friday morning.

Speaking to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa on Friday morning, Kairouz said he had received anonymous, ‘threatening’ phone calls since he started predicting Covid cases.

‘Look, I’m doing the community a favour and it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong or unethical, it’s just maths and cold hard numbers,’ he told the breakfast radio duo.

Ms Berejiklian was asked directly about Kairouz’s predictions during her Covid update on Friday morning, and whether she was worried about information being leaked from NSW Health.

‘All we can do is focus on the job at hand,’ she replied.

‘I know at the moment a lot of people have, or [are] alleged to have, various bits of information and advice but what is important for us as a team – team New South Wales – is to focus on what is necessary and that is to lead our state during the most challenging of times.’

Kairouz said his new-found fame had given rise to various conspiracy theories.

‘Honestly there’s rumours and conspiracy theories flying around that I’m related to Gladys or her nephew or related to her new boyfriend, that’s not the case,’ he told the show.

‘It’s numbers, mate, that’s all I can say, it’s a solid formula.’

Ms Berejiklian, who is notoriously private about her personal life, is believed to be dating the man who represented her during a corruption inquiry into her former boyfriend and disgraced MP Daryl Maguire.

The Premier’s relationship with high-profile barrister Arthur Moses was seemingly confirmed in June through a loved-up Instagram post shared by her sister.

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